A compact small format screen printer with micro-adjustments for accurate registration of multi-colour graphic prints, printed circuit boards, electronic components, ceramic tiles and transfers, glass etc.

This versatile table top printer has an adjustable printing bed to achieve perfect registration on heavy weight substrates such as PVC plastic, corrugated boards, metal plates, ceramic tiles, promotional items, safety signs, Perspex, facia panels etc.

• Micro-adjustments for accurate registration
• Sturdy clamping system with counter weight
• Quality engineering
• Snap-off adjustment up to 60 mm

Optional extras:

• T-bar for printing ceramic tiles
• Vacuum bed and vacuum with foot switch
• Sturdy work table

Standard bed size: 600 x 670 mm
Other sizes made to order.

Place the printer on a sturdy table so that the printing table is 80 cm above the ground.

We recommend that this printer be used with a Drying Rack for drying the prints between colours. Drying racks are space savers and help eliminate dust problems associated with printing.

[Packing size: 65x75x20cm 20kg’s]

The printer will be fully demonstrated to you during a training course held at our Johannesburg offices.