1. History
    stencil, hair, silk & manmade fibres

2. Technical Aspects of Mesh (screen fabric)
    per centimetre / per inch
    size of aperture and thickness of weave of fabric vs. ink deposit value
    definition vs. mesh count

3. Mesh choice – Textile & Graphic
    types of ink e.g. conventional vs. UV
     type of fabric e.g. Towelling

4. Types of Positives (artworks)

5. Registration
    positioning on screen (textile & graphic)
    areas A, B & C

6. Preparing a screen
    degreasing #2

7. Coating a screen
    coating trough profile
    number of coats
    additional coats

8. Exposing a screen
    light source vs. Distance vs. Mesh (& colour) vs. Definition
    washing out & touch up

9. Setting of screen in clamping system (machine)
    snap-off (height)

10. Squeegee
      choice of hardness (shore)
      angle of squeegee
      pressure of squeegee

11. Flood-coating

12. Printing

13. Costing and marketing

14. Problem solving
      questions & answers