A heavy duty flat-bed manual printing unit with easy clean aluminium vacuum table top. This printer is known in the industry as a “one arm bandit” because of the easy operation of pulling the fixed position squeegee from one side to the other using only one arm. Squeegee pressure can be maintained for the length of the print resulting in a regular ink deposit. Ideal for half-tone printing.

• Adjustable frame holder for varied size screens
• Micro-adjustments for accurate registration
• Quiet vacuum
• Adjustable squeegee and flood-coat angle
• Steel shaft with bearing system for smooth squeegee stroke
• Sturdy legs and storage tray
• Snap-off adjustment up to 40 mm
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Standard sizes available:

700 x 500 mm (screen size 750 x 550 mm)
1000 x 700 mm (screen size 110 x 750 mm)
1500 x 1000 mm (screen size 1600 x 1050 mm)

Other sizes made to order by request.
Squeegees available in different shore hardness and lengths.

Ideal when used with a Drying Rack or Tunnel Dryer.