Suitable when printing one colour onto a CD or DVD with a printable surface using conventional or UV drying ink. You will require a screen, squeegee, jig to hold the CD, clamping system, inks & thinners.
See HANDi-screen Table-Top model.

Printing Kit:

• Clamping system or HANDi-screen Printer
• Screen 40 x 60 cm with a 120 – 140 mesh count for conventional inks
• Screen 40 x 60 cm with 150 – 180 mesh count for UV inks
• 14 cm Squeegee
• Jig to hold one – six CD’s
• CD / DVD ink in the colour(s) required
• Artwork / Positive
• Racking system for drying CD’s in a dust free environment


Some CD surfaces require UV cured printing ink. A test print must be made to check adhesion.
The printing studio must be dust-free and care must be taken not to scratch the CD / DVD.