We carry a comprehensive range of solvent resistant, water resistant and dual-use emulsions required for the Screen Printing industry. Follow the easy instructions of how to use our screen cleaning chemicals for reclaiming screens for re-use.

• Diazo Photo Emulsion
• Decoat Powder (see dilution instructions on the package)
• K4 Ghost Image remover (dry ink solvent / ghost image remover)
• Cleaner Paste (Caustic based cleaner)
• Degreaser (dilute as per instructions on the bottle)
• Screen Block-out (touch-up filler)

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: Use chemical resistant rubber gloves and protective eyewear when working with chemicals.

See our cleaning Instruction information sheet.


To set up a Screen Darkroom you will require an environment lit with yellow light. It is best to break the area into four sections: screen cleaning section (with good ventilation), screen preparation area, screen exposure area and washout bay.

See our recommended Darkroom Layout.