Theory & Practical

. History
    History of pad printing

2. Artworks and litho positives
     Computer generated artworks, laser film positives & photographic posies

3. Cliché’s
    Water-wash, solvent wash and steel cliché’s
    Exposure times & depth of plate

4. Choice of silicone pads
    Pad shapes and hardness
    Cleaning of pads and storage

5. Types of pad printers
     Manual vs. electronic printers

6. Types of jigs
    Pens & lighters
    Golf balls
    Glasses and ceramic mugs

7. Setting of the pad printing machine
    Cliché, pad and jig

8. Inks and thinners
    Mixing ratio of ink to catalyst

9. Setting the manual pad printer
    One colour and two colour prints

10. Cleaning up after printing
      Cleaning cliché’s, ink well & machine

11. Internet sites

12. Questions & answers