All waterbased inks must be cured (fixed) with heat – either a direct heat (iron or heat press) or indirect heat (tunnel oven). Curing times vary according to temperature, type of curing (direct vs. indirect), type of fabric and type of ink base.

As a general rule, to cure (fix) a 100% cotton T-shirt printed in AQUAprint with an iron or press: using the “cotton” setting / 190 degrees Celsius and press for 20 – 30 seconds, depending on the thickness of the fabric.

Rule: The lower the temperature, the longer the time.
          The higher the temperature, the shorter the time.
          Some fabrics require curing at a lower temperature or the fabric will           scorch.

N.B. Insufficient curing time / temperature will result in the ink washing out the          first time the T-shirt is washed.

Always test ink on fabric after curing for colourfastness.